Which is the best type of Stairlift?

Woman sat on stairlift at bottom of stairs

Stairlifts have come in handy for many people, especially those with mobility problems because of a chronic condition or even an ageing body. This can make using the stairs an extremely exhausting activity that sucks all the energy from your body. Also, if you dread using the stairs in any building, it might be a sign you need to install a stairlift in your home. Having stairlifts installed in your home can have many advantages. The main one is reducing the risks of falling, which has been one of the leading causes of injuries to those who dread using stairs, ageing, and those who have chronic conditions.


What are stairlifts?

Just as the name sounds, stairlifts are types of motorized chairs mounted on a staircase railing and allow a person to move from floor to floor without using stairs. There are many types of stairlifts available, so one installs a stairlift that suits the staircases in their homes or any building. They can be customized differently to suit different building layouts; some are for standing, while most have a chair that goes up and down the railing.


So, which is the best type of stairlift?

Finding or identifying the best stairlift to install in your home or property can be very difficult since different buildings have different layouts. Also, various stairlifts are available, making selecting the best stairlift even more difficult. One needs to get a stairlift that fits the layout perfectly and has some additional features to say it is the best.

Also, for a stairlift to be considered the best, it needs to cater to all your needs. While in use, it should give you maximum comfort and work efficiently and while not in use, create enough space for others to pass freely. Below are some things and features one needs to look at to identify a stairlift as the best.

It should always be secure and safe by installing safety features and hardware.

For a stairlift to be considered best, it should always ensure that the user is safe while operating it to move up and down. This can be confirmed by buying one that has safety belts that will ensure you are safely secured to the stairlift when in use. Also, you can prevent unauthorized usage of the stairlift by installing one that can be disabled and enabled using a key-lock or password. By preventing unauthorized access, you can keep kids away from playing on the stairlift, thus preventing them from getting any other injuries playing on the stairlift.

The best stairlift should provide maximum comfort.

This is one of the most important things to look at when installing a stairlift on your property. For comfort, the seat or chair is the most crucial component of the stairlift. This is because this is the component the user will have to use most, so it should provide maximum comfort to the back without causing any strains. The chair can be customized to your preferences to provide more comfort, including armrests, footrest padding, and many other customizations. The material used to make the seat is vital since it will be used mainly by ageing or those with complicated medical conditions that don’t allow one to comfortably use the steps on a stair.


It should have easy-to-use and operate controls.

Since these stairlifts are mainly used for the ageing and those who have chronic diseases, they should be fitted with easy-to-use controls that the target group can use and memorize always. The best stairlifts have a lever that takes the chair up and down when the lever is pulled or pushed and some easy-to-use breaking mechanics. Levers are the best controllers for stairlifts since one can move them even with little effort. Also, when choosing, find a stairlift that controls are fitted to meet the user’s needs. If they are right-handed, they should be placed on the right, where they can efficiently operate without strain.

One can also opt for remote controllers, making it even easier for those without hand strength to operate the stairlifts efficiently. Remote-controlled stairlifts can be more beneficial if more households use the stairlift. They are better than wall controls that require an assistant always when one wants to use the stairlift.


The stairlift should provide enough spacing for others to use the staircase

Since a stairlift can take up a sizeable chunk of space on the staircase, the best ones are usually customized to provide extra space. Some customizations include;
· Some stairlift chairs or seats can be folded against the wall when not in use, thus maximizing the space on your staircase and allowing for easy accessibility. This can also prevent accidents on the staircase as no obstacles are always present on the stairs since they will be folded against the wall.
· Others are customized with different folding options that enable the footrest, armrest, and even the seat to be neatly tacked away for more space and tidying up the home.
· Some can be stretched onto a corner near the staircase that does not face more human traffic and be stored there when not in use.

The best stairlifts feature both manual and powered swivel seat options. These options favour those who have conditions that affect their strengths. This will help by giving better access when getting on and off the stairlift chair.

The speed of the stairlift should be set according to the government’s directive that specifies it at 20 feet per minute. The best stairlifts in the market always follow this directive which is much safer for those.

It can be challenging to decide which is the best stairlift since many companies produce top-notch quality stairlifts. But depending on the user’s needs, you can follow the above guidelines to identify the one that suits the needs of the user best. Also, consider the building you want to install the stairlift on.

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