Free Mobility Equipment For Somerset Residents

Free mobility equipment for Somerset residents 

Mobility equipment or aids are devices designed to help people with movement problems. They allow people with disabilities, injuries, recovering from surgery, accidents, or older adults to enjoy independence and freedom by allowing them to move around. The residents of Somerset with movement issues can benefit from free mobility equipment offered by the NHS or charities. Below are some examples of free mobility equipment Somerset residents can get;

 Walking sticks

 A walking stick is a straight rod made from wood or aluminium that provides stability while walking or hiking. As simple as they may seem, walking sticks are great and effective mobility equipment. They provide extra support and help you balance. It gives you the confidence you need to make walking less painful. This is ideal mobility equipment for the aged and people suffering from various medical conditions. 

 Free NHS walking sticks

 The NHS provides free walking sticks to Somerset residents. However, you can also purchase one online or from mobility shops. 

 Walking Frames

 This is a rame with grip handles on top and four contact points with the floor. The contact points can be two wheels at the front with rubber ferrule feet at the back or have all four wheels. The walking frame can also have no wheels at all. It is worth mentioning that some walking sticks may have only three legs. Walking frames are a go-to mobility aid for people who need more support. They are also used to train kids that have never walked or adults who have lost their ability to walk because of an accident or medical event. Walking frames offer support for people when walking outdoor and indoors. Compared to walking sticks, frames are more stable than walking sticks or crutches. They also promote slower-paced movement for users recovering from an illness. Walking frames come in several shapes and sizes to accommodate different clients’ needs. 

 Getting walking frames from the NHS

 The NHS allows Somerset residents to borrow walking frames. It would be best to speak to a general physician, physiotherapist, or hospital staff. However, you might have to pay a small deposit. If you have the money, you can purchase a walking frame online for around £20 to £200. 


 A wheelchair is a chair with wheels used when someone cannot walk due to an accident, injury, age-related mobility challenges, or disability. Wheelchairs come in a wide range of formats to meet users’ specific needs. Therefore, a wheelchair is usually as unique as its user. Some include specialized seating adaptions or customized controls. Some wheelchairs are designed for particular activities, like sports and beaches. The motorized wheelchair is the most common type. It comes with batteries and electric motors that help with its propulsion. 

 Apart from the motorized variant, there are also manual wheelchairs that require propulsive force from the occupant or a caregiver. They usually have grips behind the seat to allow individuals to push. Wheelchairs are a great mobility aid as they provide indoor and outdoor locomotion. Compared to walking frames and sticks, wheelchairs are designed for individuals who struggle or cannot walk completely. 

 Getting a free NHS wheelchair

 You can get an NHS wheelchair by speaking to a physiotherapist or hospital staff. The staff or professional will refer you to the local wheelchair service. The service will conduct an assessment before providing you with an NHS wheelchair. Furthermore, the wheelchair service will decide whether you need the wheelchair and which type will be ideal. The NHS may also give you a voucher to help you pay for the price of a different form of the wheelchair. 

 Borrowing a wheelchair

 The NHS can also lend you a wheelchair for a short time. For instance, if you have gone through an operation, the NHS will lend you a wheelchair until you have recovered. 

 The local Red Cross branches also usually lend wheelchairs. You have to give back the wheelchair in good condition after recovering. 

 You can also borrow a wheelchair from shopping centres with Shopmobility schemes. The wheelchairs are usually free, but you have to return them afterwards. 

 Mobility scooters

 This is an electric vehicle and mobility aid like a powered wheelchair. Mobility scooters help millions of people regain their independence despite medical conditions, disability, age-related mobility issues, and injury. Mobility scooters have three or four wheels for stability. They are easier to drive in small spaces. They also have a sharper turning radius, perfect for driving indoors. There are many models of mobility scooters that cater to specific needs. There are also mobility scooters for every budget range, application, and size. Mobility scooters are perfect if you struggle to walk or are disabled. They also come in handy when travelling long distances. Users can quickly get on and off the scooters. 

 Getting a mobility scooter

 The NHS does not provide free mobility scooters. This is because they are a relatively new and more advanced mobility aid. However, you can get free mobility scooters by seeking grants or help from charity organizations. Some charities help individuals pay for mobility scooters. You can also hire a mobility scooter from the Motability Scheme. This scheme allows people to use their benefits to pay for mobility scooters. You can also purchase mobility scooters from local online or offline mobility shops for around £400 to £5000. 

 Assistive technology

 Many equipment and products are provided to support people to live as independently as possible in their homes. Besides the equipment, technology also plays a significant role in supporting independence. They are known as telecare or assistive technology. The role of assistive technology is to help remind individuals and their caregivers about essential things that need to be done. For instance, the technology will inform you about taking medicine on time. It can also alert a caregiver that a person has gotten out of bed or needs assistance. Assistive technology can also help monitor occurrences and ensure the appropriate action is taken. 


 The NHS and other charities or organizations provide free or rental mobility equipment for Somerset residents. They aim to promote independence and freedom among individuals with disabilities, injuries, medical conditions, and age-related mobility issues.

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